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INCS Online Programme Recognized

INCS and Kindie World’s efforts to deliver online lessons to their students were highlighted by business consultancy group Morphos International in a recent article, Leading Change in a Pandemic: Agility Builds Resilience. Valuable Lessons from INCS and Kindie World.

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent Movement Control Order (MCO) has disrupted business operations throughout Malaysia, but not so for the Integrated National Curriculum School INCS and Kindie World. Leading with foresight and agility, CEO Jenny Sim saw opportunity in crisis and transformed how our children learn.

Despite the technical challenges brought on by the sudden closure of the school, both INCS and Kindie World quickly reorganized themselves and pivoted toward use of live video conferencing to deliver class lessons and support ongoing student learning.

INCS Musical Raises RM 29,000 for Local Charities

The Musical Performances

Integrated National Curriculum School (INCS) produced its first musical and audiences were mesmerized by the performances that took place on November 14th and November 15th, 2019. Teachers and students of INCS had only one and a half months to prepare and rehearsed for the musical after the year-end school examination period.

The musical, an adaptation from Disney’s Aladdin, was a full-fledge in-house production. The students went through professional vocal training and dance choreography routines by INCS music/voice/acting coaches. Costume designs were colorful and eye-catching. The stage and props were sights to behold – thanks to the creativity of INCS stage manager and scenic designer Mr. Tengku Aizad. He cleverly utilized special effects such as hologram, fog machine and lighting to make the musical come alive. Halfway through the musical, audience were wowed by Genie appearing via hologram effects.

Personal Development through Performing Arts

INCS Musical artistic director and scriptwriter, Ms. Isferra Rezana, who also took on the starring role of villain “Jafar”, said that the students practiced hard and displayed strong team spirit which resulted in the great success of both shows.

As part of the school’s CCA Programme, the musical production fulfilled many of the programme’s objectives to develop student talent, confidence and creativity through performing arts, as well as cultivating team work and good character values. INCS Founder, Ms. Jenny Sim and President, Ms. SP Lee believe that children should be exposed to doing charity works from a young age. The INCS Musical raised over RM29,000.00 from ticket sales and donations from generous sponsors. The funds were used to purchase necessity items that were distributed to several orphanages and old folks home in the Shah Alam and Klang area.

Community Outreach

After the musical events, INCS students visited two orphanages and a home for the elderly. Student activities aimed to foster character development were organized such as spring cleaning of the seniors home, distributing gifts and interactive games with the orphans.

The Musical cast also performed excerpts from the musical production as part of the charity program. It was truly heart-warming to see INCS students feeding the elderly folks and engaging with them. At the end of the visit, both students and the residence of Ebenezer Home were tearing up as they said goodbye. These are important lessons that students learned about the character of Gratefulness, Caring and Generosity.

On behalf of INCS and the Global Education Group (GEG) organizing committee, we thank our sponsors and donors for their support of this worthy cause.

To our Silver Sponsors – MoneyTree, Han Ho Construction, Cerdik Ilmu Enterprise, Osaka Education Supplies, Selegie Tower, Exact Consulting Sdn Bhd, JC & Associates and Freeman Education – we extend our heartfelt appreciation for their generosity support of the underprivileged.

Together We Can Make A Difference.

Scholarship Student Blossoms

Scholarship Student Blossoms

“Art is my favorite subject,” reports gentle and soft-spoken Amylea Qistina who is in Form 1 this year.

“I like to draw. When I feel inspired or when I have free time, I pick up a pen and start drawing cartoons. It’s a great way for me to relax and unwind.”

Amylea is this year’s recipient of The Founder’s Award, the highest scholarship award granted at INCS. The school offers a series of scholarships and awards each year to deserving scholars.

“Every year we choose several students that excel in their UPSR or PT3 results. These students are given a fee waiver for as long as they study here” explains Mr. Aiza Rizal, the school principal.

“However, we don’t just look at their academic achievements. Our scholarship recipients are all-rounders. They’re active in sports and extra-curricular activities, too. We also look at their character. They must have good moral standing and be disciplined students,” adds Principal Aiza. “It’s also a bonus when we see that they’ve taken an active interest in school life.”

The scholarship is awarded with certain conditions. “Students must ensure that their academic performance remains excellent in order for the scholarship to be renewed each year. If they can maintain outstanding performance, then their award is renewed,” explains Aiza.

The academic pressure doesn’t seem to have fazed Amylea one bit. “I really like studying at INCS. I feel that I belong here. The teachers are kind and attentive,” she says excitedly. “I didn’t really feel that at my last school. Here the class size is much smaller, so I can actually interact with my teachers more closely.”

Despite being a top student, Amylea faces her own set of challenges. “I struggle with Math and Sejarah,” she admits shyly. “I want to improve so I’m working hard on these subjects. I’m also not much of an outgoing person so I am considering getting more involved with school sports,” she laughs.

As a Muslim, Amylea also expresses a desire to be more attentive to performing daily prayers.

“I don’t know what I want to do when I leave school yet. I’m still figuring that out. But I do know that I want to have a happy school life.”

As Amylea walks off with her best friend, she is the picture of a student who has truly blossomed in her environment as her dream of a happy school life unfolds before her.


If you would like to learn more about how your child can benefit from the INCS scholarship program, call us at +6012 268 1258 or drop by the school for a visit and speak with one of our educational consultants.

It’s Open Day, and You’re Invited!

It’s Open Day, and You’re Invited!

INCS opens its doors Saturday morning August 24th to kids and parents looking for a better, more affordable way to primary and secondary education.

It ‘s an approach that caters to both kids and to their parents. Instead of one-way lecturing staring at the teacher at the chalkboard, creative activities for kids to enjoy while they learn. If it’s not fun, who going to listen and remember anything? So if you have to go to school and learn, at least make it happy and enjoyable.

Open Day is the creative effort of INCS community to share the joy of learning with all kids and their families. It offers a glimpse into what we do everyday at INCS.

You’re invited to INCS Open Day as our guest. It’s our way to introduce ourselves to families looking for an happy and all-embracing school environment for their children to learn and thrive in. Tour the facilities then sit with one of our education consultants to get a better understanding of the programmes, school fees and learning pathways available. We also have special offers for those in attendance so don’t miss out.

The INCS campus is located in Plaza Jelutong in Bukit Jeluton in Shah Alam. We will prepare food if you and your kids get hungry. See for yourself what makes INCS a heart-warming and magical place. It starts with the creativity and love of the teachers for their students, and grows from there!


The Happiest Report Card Day Ever

The Happiest Report Card Day Ever

Report Card Day can be terrifying for any child. Imagine sitting beside your parents while your teacher reviews all your mistakes and how you’re not paying attention in class. Your parents say very little except to acknowledge your teacher’s report. It’s going to be painful ride home. This scene probably happens at most other schools.

Just not at INCS.

“Come see our submarines!” little Mia and Mika call out excitedly. They’re both flanking a table where a small water tub rests. “Blow into the straw and the plastic bottles float to the top. We made these ourselves”.

At the next table, Demas of Primary 3 is busy fiddling with his own plastic assembly. “It’s a car I made out of a plastic water bottle. I put a motor here, and connected it to a battery with a wire. When you put the battery in place, the propeller spins and then the car moves.” He struggles momentarily to get his car to start. “I think it’s the wire,” reports the young mechanic as contemplates other possibilities.

All around the reception and waiting area, student projects are proudly on display. One section of wall showcases student essays written in English besides a series of Chinese brush calligraphy. A group of students present a multimedia slide show on a wide-screen display. On the other end of the wall, science projects sit on individual tables with poster boards explaining the primary concept of the student project.

Two girls break out in laughter in one corner of the foyer. “Most of my friends left already with their parents,” chimes Mia. “I’m still waiting for my mommy to come,” she says then runs off to chat with a few remaining classmates.

Along a corridor leading away from the foyer, children walk beside their parents, smiling while proudly holding their report cards.

“We’ve set up the hall area for teachers to meet with parents and students,” explains Puan Siti who teaches ICT. “We try and keep these sessions with parents as casual, relaxed and friendly as we can.”

In a nearby classroom, two teachers prepare a word game for students. “Come and play the Spelling Bee game. It’s fun!”

As students wander off, you can’t help but wonder what happened to the gloom and aversion that usually hangs in the air during Report Card Day in most schools. Parents and teachers come to celebrate and praise their students for their effort and progress over the semester. The event has been planned as a celebration or festival of learning. It’s the first of a new tradition unfolding which event coordinators have called the ‘EduFiesta’. The good news Is no one leaves with a scowl or frown on their face. It’s a happy Report Card Day here at INCS.

Hari Raya at INCS: A Malaysian Celebration

Hari Raya at INCS: A Malaysian Celebration

There is no other Malaysian holiday quite like Hari Raya. Traditionally celebrated after Ramadhan, the month of fasting for all Muslims, Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a celebration of homecoming and family. Many invite guests into their homes and establishments as a custom known as ‘Open House’.

Students and teachers invited parents and friends to the school’s first Hari Raya Open House celebration where over 300 people mingled and enjoyed the musical performances and local delicacies. Dressed in traditional attire, students, teachers and staff came together as a delightful tapestry of beautiful baju kurungs, kebayas, saris, dupattas and cheongsams.

For Malaysians, no other gesture conveys warmth and hospitality as directly as a wonderfully prepared meal. Where else can a guest feast on traditional specialties like satay, ketupat, nasi impit, chicken Rendang and sweets than at a Hari Raya luncheon in the heart of Malaysia.

Hari Raya is a special time of caring and sharing in a uniquely Malaysian way. At INCS, students have quietly practiced a culture of brotherly love during mealtimes. Secondary students especially were actively taking care of younger students by making sure they were comfortably seated and adequately served and looked after. 

For this occasion, the celebratory luncheon served as a prelude for the main event to come. Following the meal, guests were escorted to the school hall for school performances celebrating Hari Raya. Form 3 students Rachhita and Kahlia served as emcees who welcomed guests both in English and Bahasa Melayu. They then joined their friends for an inspired dance performance featuring the classic Raya songs ‘Selamat Berhari Raya’ by Rahimah Rahim and ‘Suasana Di Hari Raya’ by Anuar and Elina.

Students from other classes took turns to sing and dance in groups. The lower school students performed a delightful rendition of Sudirman’s ‘Balik Kampung’. Even teachers got in on the fun with an acoustic performance of ‘Senandung Hari Raya Untukmu’ by Dayangku Intan.

The festivities continued with a fashion show as students walked on stage in groups dressed in colorful traditional costumes.

As the afternoon came to a close, students were presented with duit raya to bring home as seasonal gifts. The Hari Raya event at INCS served as a fitting celebration of Malaysian values at its best.


We invite you to visit INCS with your child to enjoy an education offering the best of modern Malaysian values and learning. The school offers ‘trial classes’ for prospective students to judge for themselves before deciding to register. If you would like your child to participate in a trial class, call us at +6012 268 1258.