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When parents first visit INCS, one of the questions they ask is whether their child can learn and do well here? They tour the campus, speak with our consultants and ask about the programme, the courses and fees.

But in the end, the reason why families choose INCS is not about the facilities or the course work. It is more about the feeling they get of having come to the right school. That’s why the learning environment and culture are important factors to consider when selecting a school for your child.


The learning environment is more than the physical appearance of the school and how well it is maintained. Environment is the living surroundings of a place when you walk inside. It is nurtured and supported by the occupants and how much energy and care they invest in operating the school.

Our teaching approach is direct and hands-on. We encourage students to share and present what they have learned with others. In order for kids to open up, they need to feel safe and supported which requires attention and patience.

The art to teaching is in earning each child’s trust then helping students to believe in themselves. INCS is a place where your child can learn without fear or ridicule.

One visiting parent noticed, “It’s more interactive here. I saw students interacting with each other in class. During my time it was mostly listening to the teacher talk.”

Before starting INCS, we taught at other schools where the teacher lectured at the blackboard, instructing pupils to take notes and memorize answers. This can lead to “spoon-feeding” young minds which then have trouble thinking for themselves.

Our mission is to deliver an education which best prepares your child for life in the world after graduation. We want every child to grow up happy, confident and equipped with the tools to succeed at the university, at work and in life.


School culture is related to the learning environment and has to do with our relationships and belonging to a community. It is an outcome of how closely students and teachers work and relate with each other. It is the school culture that our students fall in love with at INCS.

We were surprised to learn that some of our students didn’t want to go home at the end of the day. Parents began telling us of how much their kids looked forward to coming to school. That’s not something most kids say about their school.

Our older students spoke about the main difference of INCS is how much they felt cared for by their teachers. Caring for others is a big part of our culture: administrators caring for teachers, teachers caring for students and students caring for each other.

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