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There is no other Malaysian holiday quite like Hari Raya. Traditionally celebrated after Ramadhan, the month of fasting for all Muslims, Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a celebration of homecoming and family. Many invite guests into their homes and establishments as a custom known as ‘Open House’.

Students and teachers invited parents and friends to the school’s first Hari Raya Open House celebration where over 300 people mingled and enjoyed the musical performances and local delicacies. Dressed in traditional attire, students, teachers and staff came together as a delightful tapestry of beautiful baju kurungs, kebayas, saris, dupattas and cheongsams.

For Malaysians, no other gesture conveys warmth and hospitality as directly as a wonderfully prepared meal. Where else can a guest feast on traditional specialties like satay, ketupat, nasi impit, chicken Rendang and sweets than at a Hari Raya luncheon in the heart of Malaysia.

Hari Raya is a special time of caring and sharing in a uniquely Malaysian way. At INCS, students have quietly practiced a culture of brotherly love during mealtimes. Secondary students especially were actively taking care of younger students by making sure they were comfortably seated and adequately served and looked after. 

For this occasion, the celebratory luncheon served as a prelude for the main event to come. Following the meal, guests were escorted to the school hall for school performances celebrating Hari Raya. Form 3 students Rachhita and Kahlia served as emcees who welcomed guests both in English and Bahasa Melayu. They then joined their friends for an inspired dance performance featuring the classic Raya songs ‘Selamat Berhari Raya’ by Rahimah Rahim and ‘Suasana Di Hari Raya’ by Anuar and Elina.

Students from other classes took turns to sing and dance in groups. The lower school students performed a delightful rendition of Sudirman’s ‘Balik Kampung’. Even teachers got in on the fun with an acoustic performance of ‘Senandung Hari Raya Untukmu’ by Dayangku Intan.

The festivities continued with a fashion show as students walked on stage in groups dressed in colorful traditional costumes.

As the afternoon came to a close, students were presented with duit raya to bring home as seasonal gifts. The Hari Raya event at INCS served as a fitting celebration of Malaysian values at its best.


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