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“I love watching YouTube videos!” shouts Mia from Primary 2 while classmate Kaesya nods vigorously beside her. “But it’s not just YouTube videos, we do a lot of other things too, like making ‘Thank You’ cards online,” she adds excitedly.

“I like the part where we insert pictures into stories that we’ve posted,” Kaesya says happily.

Held in the school’s computer lab ICT classes are a source of excitement for students learning the rules of engagement in an internet world, and it’s not hard to see why Keasya and Mia easily lose track of time working on class assignments. The course provides opportunities for students to explore their creativity and experiment with new tools.

“We’re here to ensure everyone is equipped with the IT skills they need as adults” says Puan Siti, who teaches ICT classes to secondary students.  “There isn’t any written homework. Our lessons are very hands-on and project based. Every time we learn about new software, we use it to create something.”

ICT lessons at INCS are also the perfect platform to nurture and explore hidden talents, as Kahlia from Secondary 3 shares. “We’re working on music mash-ups today. Mine is about the evolution of music from the 90s until the present day.”

“And mine is a medley of Disney songs that I really love” adds her classmate Nurin. Secondary Four classmates Hsiang Wei and Amna are also working on their mashups. “I’ve made mine about sad songs” says Amna. “We’re using a music editing software called Audacity. My mashup has lots of chill-out tunes that you can shower to” she laughs.

Learning to edit and create sound bites with Audacity is just the tip of the iceberg. Students also create slides using Powerpoint, convert data into graphs and diagrams using Excel, and make short videos using MovieMaker, among others.

“We’re using MovieMaker to make our own podcast videos now” says Form One student Dhaniyaa. “I’ve made my podcast about the different types of students here at school. You know, based on their personalities and habits,” she says proudly.

“We’re working in groups of threes and fours. My group’s podcast is a step-by-step guide on how to make slime,” adds Aleeya, another Form One videographer. “We brought all our own ingredients too.”

INCS’s computer labs equip students with a useful set of software skills expected of internet savvy, gadget-wielding students preparing to enter the work force in the near future. For now, the assignments are fun and engaging for the  kids but the skills learned will easily translate into employable skills.


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