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“Art is my favorite subject,” reports gentle and soft-spoken Amylea Qistina who is in Form 1 this year.

“I like to draw. When I feel inspired or when I have free time, I pick up a pen and start drawing cartoons. It’s a great way for me to relax and unwind.”

Amylea is this year’s recipient of The Founder’s Award, the highest scholarship award granted at INCS. The school offers a series of scholarships and awards each year to deserving scholars.

“Every year we choose several students that excel in their UPSR or PT3 results. These students are given a fee waiver for as long as they study here” explains Mr. Aiza Rizal, the school principal.

“However, we don’t just look at their academic achievements. Our scholarship recipients are all-rounders. They’re active in sports and extra-curricular activities, too. We also look at their character. They must have good moral standing and be disciplined students,” adds Principal Aiza. “It’s also a bonus when we see that they’ve taken an active interest in school life.”

The scholarship is awarded with certain conditions. “Students must ensure that their academic performance remains excellent in order for the scholarship to be renewed each year. If they can maintain outstanding performance, then their award is renewed,” explains Aiza.

The academic pressure doesn’t seem to have fazed Amylea one bit. “I really like studying at INCS. I feel that I belong here. The teachers are kind and attentive,” she says excitedly. “I didn’t really feel that at my last school. Here the class size is much smaller, so I can actually interact with my teachers more closely.”

Despite being a top student, Amylea faces her own set of challenges. “I struggle with Math and Sejarah,” she admits shyly. “I want to improve so I’m working hard on these subjects. I’m also not much of an outgoing person so I am considering getting more involved with school sports,” she laughs.

As a Muslim, Amylea also expresses a desire to be more attentive to performing daily prayers.

“I don’t know what I want to do when I leave school yet. I’m still figuring that out. But I do know that I want to have a happy school life.”

As Amylea walks off with her best friend, she is the picture of a student who has truly blossomed in her environment as her dream of a happy school life unfolds before her.


If you would like to learn more about how your child can benefit from the INCS scholarship program, call us at +6012 268 1258 or drop by the school for a visit and speak with one of our educational consultants.